Yes or No: Evaluating Public Transit

May 5, 2008
On the bus this morning I was handed a survey asking me to detail my satisfaction with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's public transit system. As a daily bus commuter, I was more than happy to spend my two cents, but I'm a bit skeptical that those two cents will really do anything.

The survey included 29 questions, mostly of the "Yes or No" variety. They asked about things like the relative safety of the bus, its timeliness, its quality, the courtesy of the driver, and other general questions about my personal preferences for and opinions of the system and its service.

There wasn't anything especially groundbreaking about this survey, and though it could have gone into much greater depth, it covered the basic topic areas you'd expect in a service evaluation. For a very simple survey, I think it could reveal some overall trends in the system, most significantly along the lines of timeliness and safety...