Viewing Urban Change Through A Different Lens

October 8, 2007
Urban development, demolition, and redevelopment has been a century-long pattern in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the city again ventures into a massive redevelopment project, former planning director Stephen Goldsmith wants the community to take a new look at what this change means for the city. And he's created a museum to help them do it.

No city is a stagnant place. Shifting demographics, lifestyles, and economic trends all influence the evolution of cities as they try to accommodate the desires and demands of the urban culture. Increasingly, this evolution is playing out in the downtowns of cities across the nation. One American city exemplifying this common state of flux is Salt Lake City, Utah. After years of decline, the city looks to be on the rebound. With two major mixed-use developments taking shape, the expansion of the city’s light rail system, and millions of square feet of retail and residential units planned, downtown Salt Lake City is on the operating table, opened up for a surgery that is as much cosmetic as it is preventive...