Construction Cinema

December 16, 2009
Once bare-bones and utilitarian, architectural animation is becoming more nuanced and experiential. In part, this development can be credited to advances in 3-D technology, but at the same time architects have embraced the art of filmmaking -- not only to create more interactive presentations for clients, but also to leverage as a tool in the design process.

It’s easy to think of architecture as an interdisciplinary field. At its most basic level, art and science combine to create buildings that are both beautiful and functional. In much the same way, architects are now relying on a broad spectrum of professional fields for sharing their work. From film to video games to documentary photography, architects are stretching beyond their own circles to present and explain their projects in new and even entertaining ways.


March 20, 2007
What better way to envision the future of a city than with a cartoon? None, I say!

But before you write this off as the "I like cartoons" blog post from the youngest Interchange contributor, consider that the market for urban planning visualization has seen a huge surge in recent years. Advances in technology have made it much easier to show communities and clients what a new town center may look like, or how transportation patterns might be affected by new public transit infrastructure, or what would happen to a coastal town when the ice caps melt.