The Planetizen News Brief - 12/24/09

December 24, 2009
Transit dips in 2008, Buffalo preserves by neglect, and San Francisco expands its borders -- all on this week's Planetizen News Brief, produced for Smart City Radio.

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Transit Use is Growing, But Not Where You Think

November 19, 2009
Transit saw some big ridership increases over the past few years, but maybe not where you'd expect. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the top ten metropolitan areas where transit use has increased the most.

Since the 1950s, public transit hasn't exactly been the primary focus of most American cities. But it's out there, in pockets. New York City's subway system carries 1.5 billion riders per year. Washington D.C.'s metro sees a little more than 200 million annually. Chicago's carries about the same. By U.S. standards these systems are well-used and extensive. But the big boys of American transit aren't the whole story. Transit use is growing in many U.S. metropolitan areas, and the strongest growth is occurring where you might not expect.

Masterplanning the Architecture of the Near Future

June 18, 2009
As the population rises, underused and empty spaces are going to fill in. How well the transition works depends on shifts in demographics and infrastructure, as well as architecture. A studio of UCLA architecture students were asked to plot that transition. But before they could be architects, they had to be planners.

It started with the masterplanning. Then, there was the city block. Then the buildings took a general form. If there was time, the buildings would get their details, like structural specification. But there wasn't a whole lot of time.

Probably not what you’d expect from an architecture course.

Best Ideas of the Week - 3

April 18, 2008
From public transit to public parks to public space, this past week brought a lot of interesting and innovative ideas in the world of urban planning.

-El Paso on Fast Track to Transit

-Keeping Construction Projects From Blocking Sidewalks

-A New Era Of Urban Parks?

-A Holistic Approach To Planning For Traffic Impacts

-Creating A Bicycle Commuter System

-Youngstown Plans For A Smaller Future

-Creating A New Vision For The Nation's Transportation System

Best Ideas of the Week - 2

April 4, 2008
Another week has passed, and some more exciting and interesting ideas have taken root in the world of urban planning.

-Using Fees On Motorists To Fund Public Transit

-Sales Tax for Transit Catching on in Twin Cities

-Cities Putting Officials in Charge of Sustainability

-Japan Unveils Its First Dedicated Bike Lane