The Community Television

June 29, 2012
A street-facing television becomes a public amenity in baseball-loving Michigan.

There's a bar in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, where, instead of a window, there's a huge flat screen television. And instead of pointing in toward the barstools and indoor patrons, the screen faces out onto the street toward the bar's sidewalk patio seating and, by default, everyone else who happens to be nearby.

Making Local Government Funny in 'Parks and Recreation'

October 28, 2011
A Q&A with 'Parks and Recreation' producer/writer Dan Goor.

Local government agencies might not seem like the most interesting topic for television, but NBC’s Parks and Recreation, now in its fourth season, has found a way. Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, the show depicts a group of public officials and their interactions with the intricacies of local government.

Co-executive producer and writer Dan Goor talked with me about why city government works well as the basis for a TV show, the real-life public hearings that have inspired the writers, and the comedy of bureaucracy. Oh, and also gay penguins.