Construction Cinema

December 16, 2009
Once bare-bones and utilitarian, architectural animation is becoming more nuanced and experiential. In part, this development can be credited to advances in 3-D technology, but at the same time architects have embraced the art of filmmaking -- not only to create more interactive presentations for clients, but also to leverage as a tool in the design process.

It’s easy to think of architecture as an interdisciplinary field. At its most basic level, art and science combine to create buildings that are both beautiful and functional. In much the same way, architects are now relying on a broad spectrum of professional fields for sharing their work. From film to video games to documentary photography, architects are stretching beyond their own circles to present and explain their projects in new and even entertaining ways.

'New York is Not a City of Alleys': A Film Location Scout's Pet Peeves

November 18, 2011
How a film scout sees the city.

Since 2004, Nick Carr has been working as a film location scout in New York City. He travels throughout the city to find rooms and settings and unique places to film scenes in movies and television shows, and he’s been documenting some of this work and his experiences on his website, ScoutingNY. He highlights interesting parts of the city, areas that have been used (and over-used) in film, and some of the ways the built environment of the city has changed over time.

Ninth Ward, The Movie: How To Really Rebuild New Orleans

February 8, 2009
New Orleans is still struggling, especially its hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward. The economic recession has been bad news for development all over the world, and it's really not helping things down in New Orleans. The federal government's broke, states are cutting costs, and local government is practically bankrupt. But even in tough times, there is one place where business always seems to be good and money's always flowing: the movie industry.

Maybe New Orleans should look to Hollywood as a means to recovery. It has the money, it has the incentive, and it's proven that it actually has the power to make it happen.