How the African Leadership Academy Is Fighting the Continent’s Education Exodus

November 29, 2010
A South African academy aims to teach the continent's brightest -- and fight widespread brain drain.

Lennon Chimbumu is the kind of young adult every mom dreams of raising. Polite and well spoken, the Zimbabwean 20-year-old will probably major in computer science at Stanford, where he's a freshman. During his first few months in the U.S., he felt some culture shock, but the time was also revelatory. He listened to the Beatles for the first time, and his roommate introduced him to more modern bands, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gorillaz. He's also been swept up by that most American of college experiences: football.

Lessons Learned

July 27, 2015
After a disastrous technology rollout in Los Angeles, schools reassess their priorities.

In schools across the United States, chalk and textbooks are disappearing. In their place are tablets and laptops. This technological transformation is only just beginning, but it stands to reshape the ways teachers teach and students learn. In 2015, school systems will spend an estimated $522 million on tablets and readers, and $4.7 billion on IT overall. “Districts are trying to be very, very thoughtful about how they do this,” says Scott Himelstein, executive director of the University of San Diego’s Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education.

The New New Urbanists

November 17, 2010
Los Angeles’s high school of urban planning welcomes its freshman class.

Kids can be planners too. That’s the philosophy of a group of Los Angeles teachers who just started their own pilot school organized around the unlikely theme of urban planning. The East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy of Urban Planning and Design held its first classes in September on the crisp new campus of Esteban Torres High School, in the heavily Latino East L.A. It’s a neighborhood where, the teachers think, students can particularly benefit from the skills and values of the planning profession.

The Education of Integration

November 8, 2008
Urban design, urban planning and architecture interrelate—except in the classroom.

The three fields of urban design, urban planning and architecture are semi-amorphous. They overlap a great deal and aim towards many of the same goals. But by looking at the skill sets of most practitioners, you wouldn’t even realize that overlap exists. There is a striking lack of understanding between these silos of thought and practice—a problem that starts in the classroom...

Best Ideas of the Week - 1

March 21, 2008
We all know there's a lot of planning going on around the world. Much of it is poor, short-sighted and generally just no good. But there are also some really great ideas being developed and adopted, and they should be considered by cities and communities all over the world as instructive examples of good planning. Here are what I think are some of the best ideas in urban planning from the last week.

-Miami Parks Plan Looks Beyond Parks

-Fueling a Town's Future

-Traffic Calmed

-Public Pianos Beckon Musicians in Suburban England