Unfinished Architecture: Las Vegas' Incredible Shrinking Tower

February 27, 2016
The plan for Las Vegas’ 49-story Harmon tower sounded, and looked, grand. But it was literally cut down in its prime.

The unfinished architecture of the world comes in many varieties, with many reasons for their halted development.

Some buildings, like cathedrals, remain unfinished, to some eyes, because they can take centuries to build. Some buildings are never completed because, whether due to poor judgment or the hubris of their builders, they’re simply bad ideas. And some buildings are never finished because they can’t be.

The New 'Urban Community' On The Las Vegas Strip

December 16, 2009
Hey, Las Vegas. Good to see you! Tough break about all those foreclosures... But, hey, I hear you've got a new mega project opening up. That's cool! I bet those other broke cities are super jealous. Yeah, this new project's gonna bring you back to glory, eh? Oh, what's that? What did you just call it? CityCenter? The Capital of the New World? An urban community? Let me stop you right there.

I'm not sure if you've been to a real city before, Las Vegas, or if you know the definitions of the words "urban" and "community", but what you've got on your hands with the recent opening of MGM Mirage's CityCenter is neither a city, urban, nor a community.