Bike Lanes

Creating ‘The Most Bicycle Friendly City in America’ ... In Southern California

January 26, 2012
Long Beach, CA, makes a big investment in bicycle infrastructure.

There have been numerous studies that show how adding a new lane to a freeway or road has the opposite effect than what was intended. Rather than easing congestion (which it does only briefly), the new lane merely creates more room for more cars, and quickily induces even more congestion. This same principle applies to bicycle traffic, though in a slightly different way. Few cities – and even fewer American cities – struggle with bike traffic congestion. Rather, what more and more cities find themselves struggling with is a lack of bike traffic. They want more bicyclists on their streets.

L.A.'s Bike Lane Blues

December 14, 2011
The city's new green bike lane has hit costly speedbumps.

The city of Los Angeles recently followed the lead of cities like San Francisco and New York by altering two of its streets and adding new bike lanes, part of a pilot program that included painting the entire width of the lanes bright green. These new lanes have been welcomed by the bicycle community and by ribbon-cutting local politicians as a bold green sign of the city’s efforts to become a safer and friendlier place to bike.

Best Ideas of the Week - 2

April 4, 2008
Another week has passed, and some more exciting and interesting ideas have taken root in the world of urban planning.

-Using Fees On Motorists To Fund Public Transit

-Sales Tax for Transit Catching on in Twin Cities

-Cities Putting Officials in Charge of Sustainability

-Japan Unveils Its First Dedicated Bike Lane