How the African Leadership Academy Is Fighting the Continent’s Education Exodus

November 29, 2010
A South African academy aims to teach the continent's brightest -- and fight widespread brain drain.

Lennon Chimbumu is the kind of young adult every mom dreams of raising. Polite and well spoken, the Zimbabwean 20-year-old will probably major in computer science at Stanford, where he's a freshman. During his first few months in the U.S., he felt some culture shock, but the time was also revelatory. He listened to the Beatles for the first time, and his roommate introduced him to more modern bands, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gorillaz. He's also been swept up by that most American of college experiences: football.

These Chinese Buildings are Coming to a City Near You

May 31, 2018
China's overseas building campaign is spreading Chinese-style urbanism around the globe.

A square mile of new land spreads out from the shores of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Crews are 80% through reclaiming approximately 65 million cubic meters of sand from the Indian Ocean floor.

The land will form the foundation of Port City Colombo a massive new district of high-rise office towers, luxury apartments, tree-lined canals and beachfront villas.

Adjacent to the city's central business district and a recently upgraded port, the $1.4 billion project is touted by its developers as "a world class city for South Asia."

Lighting Africa Illuminates A New Market

June 22, 2011
An innovative program aims to light up off-the-grid Africa by boosting supply and demand for portable solar lamps.

For nearly 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, sundown means living, working, and studying by flickering candlelight or polluting kerosene lamps. Rural electrification is proceeding, but it's outpaced by population growth. So Lighting Africa, a program of the World Bank and the International Finance Corp., is taking a different tack to try to improve the lives of Africans who are not on the grid.