Spray-On House - Architect Magazine 2016 R&D Awards

July 27, 2016
After years of mock-ups and tests, Patrick Tighe Architecture is close to realizing a residential building made mostly of spray foam.

Polyurethane spray foam is known for its use as insulation, quickly and effectively filling in wall cavities and lining attic roofs. The Spray-On House by Patrick Tighe Architecture shows how it can do much more.

After years of researching the high-density spray foam’s structural capability, the firm is embarking on its first building using the material. The single-family house in the quirky and remote desert community of Pioneertown, Calif., will be a curvaceous, gourd-like mound with globular interior spaces and hardly a straight line to be found. The spray foam, installed in one continuous application, in combination with a cage of steel reinforcing bars, will become the house’s foundation, walls, and roof. ...