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Carlos Tobalina and His Palisades 'House of Ill Fame' - Part Two

May 12, 2016
Decades-old broken-down cars litter the weed-pocked front yard of a Huntington home where a pornographer lived with his family.

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, the two cliffside homes overlooking the ocean at 14914 and 14930 Corona Del Mar in Pacific Palisades were not exactly what they seemed. The bedrooms, the pool, even the bathroom floor served more than just domestic needs.

Little known to neighbors or the outside world, these were all sets for the adult films of the homes’ owner, pornographer Carlos Tobalina.

Carlos Tobalina and His Palisades 'House of Ill Fame' - Part One

May 5, 2016
This home on Corona del Mar, which has been veiled behind a padlocked chain link fence for nearly 15 years, has a secret—and sordid—past that includes X-rated moviemaking

The modest, single-story 1960s ranch-style home at 14914 Corona Del Mar was, in its time, a fairly standard house in the upper middle-class Huntington neighborhood of Pacific Palisades: Four bedrooms, 3,500 square feet and a backyard with a pool and a tennis court.

Full Throttle with the Wednesday Night Motorcycle Club

July 16, 2015
Loud groups of motorcyclists have been disturbing neighbors in the Pacific Palisades for years.

In the still of the night, on the quiet and mostly empty streets of the Village in Pacific Palisades, there’s a humming in the distance. Within moments the hum grows from a whir to a buzz to a scream as a line of motorcycles whizzes by.

It’s a sound familiar to many in the Palisades, where for years groups of motorcyclists have ridden in large packs through town, screaming down Sunset Boulevard almost like clockwork most Wednesday nights around 10 o’clock, broadcasting their high-pitched exhaust to echo off the hillsides.