Full Throttle with the Wednesday Night Motorcycle Club

July 16, 2015
Loud groups of motorcyclists have been disturbing neighbors in the Pacific Palisades for years.

In the still of the night, on the quiet and mostly empty streets of the Village in Pacific Palisades, there’s a humming in the distance. Within moments the hum grows from a whir to a buzz to a scream as a line of motorcycles whizzes by.

It’s a sound familiar to many in the Palisades, where for years groups of motorcyclists have ridden in large packs through town, screaming down Sunset Boulevard almost like clockwork most Wednesday nights around 10 o’clock, broadcasting their high-pitched exhaust to echo off the hillsides.

Rolling in packs of five or 10, the motorcyclists can sometimes number between 50 and 100 a night, and their noise can overwhelm the Palisades for solid minutes at a time. To some they are a minor annoyance, to others an outrage. After years of complaints and tickets and discussions, the motorcyclists keep coming back week after week.

“They’re conducting a public nuisance,”
Palisadian Jack Allen says. “I don’t think anybody in the community likes the idea of the motorcycles doing what they do.”

“It’s been a problem for me for years,” says Ron Dean, who lives just north of Sunset on Via de la Paz. “We get the full brunt of it.”

“They are so loud, and they wake me up. Even when I put earplugs in, they are still so loud,” 8-year-old Palisadian Gavin Alexander wrote in an October 2014 letter to the editor of the Palisadian-Post. “There’s a law against having loud motorcycles. Can’t the police write tickets and make them go away?”

Not according to the leader of the motorcycle club that’s been riding the curves of Sunset Boulevard in the Palisades on Wednesday nights for years.

“There ain’t nothing you can do. They can’t tell us not to ride through that street. It’s public,” he says. To the irritated neighbors and sleepy schoolchildren, he has some advice: “Sleep after 10,” he says, with a laugh.