Dance Your Plan

November 24, 2008
Getting people to understand the intricacies of planning can be a challenge. The modern-day emphasis on public participation is an effort to get people involved, but it's frankly not too appealing for most people to attend public hearings about zoning amendments and setback changes. But those zoning amendments and setback changes could be pretty important. Planners need to try harder to connect with the people their work affects to explain its importance. It's time to break from convention. One possible way is dancing.

Granted, this seems like a pretty stupid idea, but think abstractly. Think about the principle here.

There was an interesting interview on NPR recently about a dance contest for scientists who try to interpret their doctoral dissertations through the international language of dance. The "Dance Your PhD" competition was created by John Bohannon, a correspondent with Science magazine, and winners were just announced for the second annual competition. Contestants were to utilize interpretive dance to explain the often incredibly complex theses of their doctoral dissertations. 36 videos of danced PhDs are posted online, and they are pretty ridiculous to watch.