A hundred years after construction began, the shell of a subway tunnel still lies beneath the Ohio city’s streets, empty and unfinished.

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The death of Zaha Hadid has robbed architecture of one of its most famous and controversial figures. Her buildings and influence means Hadid leaves a vibrant legacy.

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It could have as much to do with geography as curb appeal

Even though it ended up being significantly shorter than originally planned, the Metropolitan Life North Building has become a New York City architectural landmark.

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Rome’s unfinished grand swimming stadium was neither a victim of hubris or bad construction—but rather simple economics. It may even have a chance of Olympics life.

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With the Rams comes new development in Inglewood.

The 35-year-old credit is now a permanent part of the tax code, with looser limits on what kinds of businesses and work can qualify.

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The Man Who Deftly Negotiates West Hollywood’s Complex and Contentious Development Process

L.A. built up the city to stave off an El Niño that was supposed to be a bruiser, but may never come. That kind of thinking just might save the City of Angels.

Publication: Popular Mechanics