As solar power booms, businesses are exploring ways to ensure valuable components don’t end up in landfills.

Publication: Ensia

With his work in Asia, the architect has reimagined the skyscraper for the interconnected age. Is the rest of the world ready for his unorthodox approach?

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Jon Christensen’s passion is for people and how they understand and are affected by the environment.

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UCLA’s cityLAB is working with campus partners to engineer changes in how we use physical spaces during a digital era.

Publication: UCLA Magazine

Unlike in other countries, Japanese homes become valueless over time – but as the population shrinks, can its cities finally learn to slow down and refurb?

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A burgeoning U.S. prefab market has much to learn from Japan

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How Studio-MLA learned to embrace the potential of the sports stadium

A weather-ready home with Japanese influences, by Desai Chia Architecture

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Cities attract wild ideas, from Qinhuangdao’s straddling bus to London’s bike lanes in the sky. As Musk’s Boring Company starts tunnelling, could his plans for underground roads and Hyperloop trains prove the doubters wrong?

Publication: The Guardian