After a role at the United Nations, Leilani Farha launched a new effort to protect housing rights.

Publication: Curbed

Asilomar, a seaside resort with buildings by famous architect Julia Morgan, is being used as a quarantine site. So is an EconoLodge outside of Seattle. Shopping malls might be next.

Publication: Fast Company

The former royal family lost countless artworks, palaces, and wealth in the 20th century. But were they victims—or enablers of the Nazis?

Publication: Foreign Policy

By turning community spaces into habitats for a protected species, bat boxes throw a wrench into the development process

Publication: Curbed

The under-explored world of interactive print in magazines and newspapers -- from the Mad Magazine Fold-In to the New York Times for Kids to a life-sized cutout of Brigitte Bardot in a negligee.

From covered stalls for prostitution in Germany to community centres for sex workers in New Zealand, some cities now include sex work in their urban policy.

Publication: The Guardian

From a railway run by children in Ljubljana to brutalist monuments in the Balkans, the Nonument Group maps abandoned 20th-century architecture.

Publication: The Guardian

The Berlin activists who staged a protest at a vacant government building didn’t imagine they’d end up leading a €140 million redevelopment project.

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A landscape architect and a biologist team up to counter urban biodiversity loss.