Art for Urban Planners - Part One

Urban planning is one of those things people don't realize they can relate to. Everybody understands cities, so why can't they understand how they are planned? Well, there's really no reason. Urban planners -- steeped in the inner workings of the urban world -- probably aren't the best to try to communicate this idea. So bring in the artists.

Art has an incredible communicative power, especially in regards to concepts that are otherwise hard to verbalize or explain. In the world of urban planning, art could be a great way to improve public understanding of projects, acceptance of new ideas, or simply to expand the idea of the city from a place to an evolving and interactive experience.

I'm no art historian, but I've seen my share. I enjoy a museum every now and again. I've visited various galleries and MOMAs. I've even been to the Louvre. (Fun fact: the 'R' is silent!) And in my daily scouring of the web for urban planning news, I've come across a handful of pieces that place a magnifying glass over the city, urban life and the development and use of land.